Our Goal

Chinese Medicine Of Australia Inc. (CMA) was founded by election on 03/09/2017 in Box Hill North Victoria. Members are including Chinese Medicine Practitioners, patients, and Chinese Medicine
supporters. CMA has two purposes:

1. To lobby for the inclusion of Chinese Medicine in the Chronic Disease Management (CDM)
system. Currently Chinese Medicine practitioners are not included in the Allied Health Providers list.

Our strategy

2. Supporting the healthy development of the Chinese Medicine profession in Australia. CMA has developed some processes:

  • Talking with policy makers and the public about the Chinese Medicine situation in Australia.
  • Organizing petitions to support Chinese Medicine being included in the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) system.
  • To encourage all Chinese Medicine professional associations to work together to support the healthy development of Chinese medicine in Australia.

CMA Membership application form:

Secretary of Chinese Medicine Of Australia Inc. (CMA)


Our values

Our core values underpin all that we do. They are:

Compassion – We are sensitive, understanding and caring in our service of all people.

Integrity – We are honest, accountable and transparent in our work and relationships.

Respect – We treat people as we ourselves expect to be treated, offering love, acceptance and a voice of support in the face of life’s challenges.

Perseverance – We are dedicated to serving people and helping them overcome the challenges they face, no matter how hard it is.

Celebration – We recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of the people we help, volunteers, supporters and staff.